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Partner, Zoller Biacsi LPA
Divorce & Family Law

Becky provides sound guidance to clients in the Collaborative or Mediated divorce process and does so in a competent and compassionate manner. Becky is incredibly talented, caring and conscientious. When my clients decide to work with Becky, I am always so grateful because I know they are getting the BEST!

Mary J. Biacsi

Urban & Pozzuto LLC
Collaborative Family Law

Becky is the consummate financial advisor for couples who pursue either a Collaborative Process or a Mediation to transition their families through a divorce. Becky is knowledgeable and diligent, always striving to help divorcing couples make well informed decisions. What makes her a star at what she does are her ability to compassionately understand what is important to each partner and to communicate effectively with all.

Brian M. Urban

OSBA Family Relations Law Certified Specialist

Becky is always respectful and responsive to both clients and professionals. She is proficient at summarizing and educating clients regarding numerous complex financial issues, including important tax implications. Her extensive training in interest-based negotiation and genuine concern for her clients effectively facilitates brainstorming creative and durable financial resolutions. It is always my great pleasure to work with Becky.

Jonetta J. Kapusta-Dorogi, LLC

Rocky River, Ohio

She introduced compassionate sensibility and clarity to a difficult procedure. She also demonstrated an ability to assess the dynamics of a situation and steer it in a more positive direction.

Debbie F.

Stongsville, Ohio

Becky’s experience as a financial specialist was invaluable. It reduced conflict, expedited solutions, lowered stress environment and gave me more confidence and control.

Toni H.