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Collaboration CDFA in Cleveland, Ohio

The Collaborative Process

In a collaborative divorce process, each spouse retains his or her own attorney, and all parties meet in a series of five-way meetings to achieve a support and property division settlement. As the CDFA at Facilitated Divorce Solutions, I strive diligently to help my clients reach their needs through a collaborative process. My office assists those throughout Westlake, Rocky River, and Strongsville, Ohio.

A Private Forum: No Litigation

Much like a mediation process, a collaborative process provides a private forum in which all pertinent information is voluntarily and transparently shared, with the ultimate goal being a win-win resolution of all marital issues. Trust is promoted among all parties because each attorney is retained only for the limited purpose of helping his client reach an acceptable settlement within the collaborative framework, without litigating or threatening to litigate.

No Fuss, No Litigation,
Just Resolutions

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Contract to Solve Problems

A key aspect of the collaborative divorce process is that the attorneys agree and sign a contract stating that they are disqualified if the process fails and the parties decide to litigate. This unique clause in the collaborative contract keeps all parties engaged and focused on problem-solving.

Neutral Coaches Guide Process

In addition to including a financial neutral on the team of professionals, the team usually includes a neutral coach or dual coaches. When a couple arrives at this stage of their relationship, they frequently experience difficulty communicating. The coaches guide the team to a deeper understanding of why they fail to hear each other by explaining the other in words they can hear.

Less Costly, Less Painful

Empirical data and common experience show that Collaboratively-resolved divorces can be less financially costly and emotionally painful for all parties involved, including children. Moreover, this Alternative Dispute Resolution process empowers individuals with resources to resolve post-divorce issues in a similarly non-litigious setting. To further understand what a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is, contact me today.

"You shouldn’t put your future in the hands of a judge who doesn’t know you and go sit in the hallway and wait for a judgment to determine your fate."

—Rebecca S. Murphy