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Our Family in Two Homes

How Can Our Family in Two Homes Help Your Family?

Materials within Our Family in Two Homes are customized for families with minor children (Our Family in Two Homes) and parents of adult children (Our Family in a Few Homes).

The package will guide you to individually reflect on important questions related to your separation or divorce. The self-reflection questions and the Workbook exercises will prepare you for the difficult conversations that inevitably arise as you work through your decision-making and negotiation process.

By completing the workbook, you will be more prepared and in control of the process once you meet with Becky, as your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Since this is your own, factual information, nothing can be assumed by any other parties. This will also prepare you for upcoming decisions you may not have considered before. With this resource material and Becky’s guidance, you may be able to move efficiently toward an agreement with your spouse.